Connected Christmas

A Family Experience Kit


"Novice and veteran leaders, Connected Christmas is the must-have resource for you!"

-Kim Hudson—Children's Pastor, NorthField Church

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This holiday let’s help kids and parents engage with the story of Christmas!

Connected Christmas is a media-rich kit that gives you everything to create an all-church event and share 4 weeks of at-home episodes that bring families together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Connect at Home

Share 4 weeks of Bible story episodes (via text or email) that make it easy for families to connect and engage at home with the story of Christmas.

Celebrate Together

Create a fun, family-centered experience—complete with scripted program, event video, and all you need to celebrate together.

An easy plug 'n play solution to simplify your Christmas planning!
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Connect at Home

With links to weekly episodes and a how-to guide for easy sharing, you’ll be set for encouraging families at home. They will experience a Bible story video connected to the birth of Jesus and get fun activities to do together as a family! 

Each week has its own theme that focuses on a specific connection:

  • Week 1–Connect with Family
  • Week 2–Connect with Jesus
  • Week 3–Connect with Friends
  • Week 4–Connect Through Worship
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Easy-to-share activities & resources for families!

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Parent communication templates and family kit ideas will make sure your families have all they need to participate in the weekly episodes.



Each week includes a Bible story video that connects the Christmas story to the weekly theme.

Get Connected, Read, Pray


After the video, families can use the discussion starters to connect with the message.

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Your families also get 5 activities to choose from—helping kids and families celebrate together.

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Celebrate Together

The Connected Christmas Event Guide gives you everything you need to plan, prepare, and deliver a Christmas experience for the families in your community.

With a comprehensive planning guide, promotional resources, scripted programming, and a full-length event video, you’ll be set to provide a memorable celebration. 

Connected Christmas

Everything you need to throw a Celebration Event!

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Event Planning Guide

You’ll have all you need to organize a celebration event including timelines, checklists, registration forms, and tips for volunteer planning and decorating.

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Plug 'n' Play Video

In this full-length feature video our host will guide families through stories, activities, discussions, and a great Christmas message!

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Games & Activities

We’ve filled the event with activities and opportunities for connection to keep families engaged with celebrating the Christmas story.

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Simplify Your Christmas Planning with This Family Ministry Experience Kit


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