5 Reasons Why Parents Care About Your Church’s Security Policies

5 Reasons Why Parents Care About Your Church's Security Policies

Your ministry to kids is so important! Make sure parents trust you enough to leave their children in your care.

How to Create a Handbook for Your Church Ministry

How to create a handbook for your church ministry

You don’t have to have all the details figured out—this guide will help you put together your ministry handbook.

Church Re-Entry: Policies and Procedures that Matter

Church Re-Entry Policies and Procedures that Matter

Consider these ideas as you create a set of best practices for when your church reopens!

What to Do If You See Abuse

What to Do If you See Abuse

Be prepared for when you see a child who may be in a crisis situation.

How to Keep Kids Safe in COVID-19

considerations for keeping kids safe in covid-19

There’s lots to consider during this pandemic. Here are a few ways to help ensure your kids’ spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical safety.

How to Make Check-In Run Smoothly So Every Family Feels Welcome

How to make check in run smoothly so every family feels welcome

Having a great church check-in process will set the tone for everything else a family might experience on a Sunday.

Proactive Safety Planning: What Kids Need from You

children's ministry safety

Creating a safe environment must be a priority if we want to lead children to a lifelong relationship with Jesus.