Rest on Every Side: Caring for Your Soul in Spite of What You See

Rest on Every Side Caring for Your Soul in Spite of What You See

Gain eyes to see, defiant joy, and build a firm foundation in the midst of the mess and hardships we face.

You Are Not Alone: The Truth of Anxiety and Depression in Ministry

Anxiety Depression and Ministry

Anxiety and depression can become intertwined in the lives of ministry leaders, but there are ways to defend ourselves.

The Most Obnoxious Assumptions People Make about Children’s Ministers

The most obnoxious assumptions people make about children's ministers

As you encounter misconceptions, remember the truth about who you are, what you do, and why you are doing it.

Are You So Good at Leading That Your Spiritual Life Stinks?

Are you so good at leading that your spiritual life stinks

Your walk with Christ is the aspect of ministry that no one ever sees, yet everyone assumes is perfect.

4 Hidden Soul Care Habits That Will Make You a Better Kids’ Pastor

Sometimes we get so busy that we neglect the same spiritual exercises we want to be part of kids’ lives.

Dear Tired Kids’ Pastor, Keep Your Focus on the Gospel

If you had to list everything that you focus on during a typical week of ministry, you would likely have […]

Had Enough Loneliness? Here’s How to Be a Relational Leader (VIDEO: John Ortberg)

John Ortberg relational leadership

Develop a better, healthier relationship with God and with your team!