Programs Blossom and Kids Thrive When They Are Taught How to Worship

cartoon kids singing

While it’s safe to say worship happens in churches today, read to explore how to amp up the experiences for, and through, kids.

The Power of Music and How We Can Celebrate God’s Wonder with Song

The Power of Music and How We Can Celebrate God's Wonder with Song

Music is powerful and can have a strong impact on the children, and families, you serve.

How God’s Wonder Fills Your Worship

How God's Wonder Fills Your Worship

Worship is full of wonder while being unique to who God created us each to be.

Preschool Worship: 7 Ways to Make It Count

Preschool Worship 7 Ways to Make It Count

It’s important to encourage our kids in worship. Check out these 7 ways to make it count!

The Posture of Worship: A Life Pleasing to God

The Posture of Worship A Life Pleasing to God

Our whole lives—not just a few moments on Sunday—are about accepting and reflecting God’s beautiful, humbling love.

How to Make Space for Worship Response in Your Kidmin

How to make space for worship response in your kidmin

We can guide children to seek God through worship response.

How to Lead Kids’ Worship When You Aren’t Really a Worship Leader

how to lead kids worship when you are not really a leader

Even if you don’t know music, you can lead worship and train others to engage kids!

5 Surprising Solutions for Better Kids’ Worship


Use these tools to evaluate what might need to change in your kids’ worship ministry.

How to Engage Boys in Worship Without Embarrassing Them

Hint: Avoid songs with non-stop motions.

Where to Find Uplifting Kids’ Worship Songs Online

Where to find uplifting kids' worship songs online

Quick music wins for your next Sunday morning or midweek gathering.